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Aqa biology b3 may 2012 mark scheme

aqa biology b3 may 2012 mark scheme

(Different terms in the mark scheme are shown by a / ; eg allow smooth / free movement.).
Although this is true of the measurements students are likely scheme to have made to illustrate this, it is not the correct meaning of the term.
This successful, mutated bacterium will reproduce and pass biology on the antibiotic resistant gene to its offspring.Mutations can be positive for an organism, as in bacteria that scheme developed resistance to certain biology antibiotics.III.4 (S).3 Explain codominance by reference to the inheritance of ABO blood groups and phenotypes, A,B,AB and O blood groups and genotypes I A, I B and 1 o Extension Students could try the Genetics Breeding Game.Students should understand that biology discontinuous variation is caused purely by genes but continuous variation often involves influence by the environment as well.A haploid cell is one with biology a single set of chromosomes (for example a gamete) while a diploid cell has two complete sets.Oct/Nov 20/21 question 6 Oct/Nov 20/22 question 8 Oct/Nov 20/02 question 10 May/June 20/02 question 7 Codominance is the combination of two different alleles that will produce an effect that is a mixture of both of them.Down's syndrome is used to illustrate a mutation that occurs during meiosis and affects the number of chromosomes in a cell.Chernobyl in 1984 is an example of radiation that caused mutations in hundreds of people and unborn babies.Nelson Thornes 2009 p221 Science Across the World Genetic modification: (S).6 Explain why, and outline how, human insulin genes were put into bacteria using genetic engineering Explain that DNA can be cut in certain places using different restriction enzymes to select the correct gene.If it is homozygous, then only one kind of gamete is made, scheme and only one needs to be written down.Choose something simple, and that is likely to appeal to students, such as coat colour of an animal.1 Scheme of work Cambridge igcse Biology (0610) Unit 8: Inheritance and evolution Recommended prior knowledge Basic knowledge of Unit 1 cell structure is required, and also an understanding of the processes involved in sexual reproduction.

Marking points.1, marking of registry lists This applies to questions requiring a set number of responses, but for which candidates have provided extra responses.
Extension Natural selection activity.
It is server good practice, and avoids confusion, if a circle is drawn around each gamete or repair the server genotype when writing out a genetic cross.
V1 2Y05 Cambridge igcse Biology (0610) 3 4 The inheritance of sex can be dealt with in the same way as the inheritance of genes, but this time the symbols X and Y are used to indicate whole chromosomes, not alleles of a gene.Two identical homozygous individuals that breed together will texturing be pure breeding - heterozygous as having two different alleles of a particular gene ( or Gg) and are not pure breeding - dominant as an allele that is expressed if it is present - (e.g.Variation, affected by both genotype and phenotype, is investigated, before considering the ideas of natural selection and evolution.T or g) Calculate and predict the results of monohybrid crosses involving 1 : 1 and 3 : 1 ratios able to understand that they therefore carry two copies of each gene.T or G) - recessive as an allele that is only expressed when there is no dominant allele of the gene present (e.g.Extension simple gel electrophoresis.General The mark scheme for each question shows: the marks available for each part of the question the total marks available for the question the typical answer or answers which are expected extra information to help the Examiner make his or her judgement and help.If the same restriction enzyme is used to cut the bacterial DNA then the ends of the human and bacterial DNA will stick together.The general principle to be followed in such a situation is that right wrong wrong.An allele is a variety / an alternative form of a gene, and many genes have many different alleles.However, responses considered to be neutral (indicated as * in example windows utility 1) are not penalised.To show them graphically, they will need to decide on 6 or 7 ranges and then draw up a tally chart to show how many values fit into each range.However if the answer is incorrect, mark(s) can be gained by correct substitution / working and this is shown in the extra information column.They can best be illustrated and explained with reference to a particular characteristic.